About Us

What is Antakarana (A.K.R.N.A) Co-Creation Learning Project?

Antakarana Co-creation Learning Project (A.K.R.N.A) was founded in 2007.

Our goal is creating educational solutions for improving student learning.   A.K.R.N.A is a grassroots movement & resource located in Oklahoma and launching its services to communities ready to implement improvements.

Acting as a catalyst, we support intentional change by helping people sort their way through the maze of issues surrounding educational reform. 

We specialize in focus. Targeted focus determines which teaching-learning solutions will produce hope and opportunities for students to reach their full potential and be balanced high functioning adults in a Technology-Information Age.


We Have Answers!

A.K.R.N.A has a 20 year experiential backbone understanding what is needed to establish an educational system that is resilient.  The inherent resilience of a results-oriented system can grow gently through an evolutionary process that is paced by student-teacher-parent communications, in a baby steps manner, that will create an eventual critical mass. 

Paced growth will painlessly and inevitably usher in a much desired educational paradigm shift without causing overwhelm.

We are talking about initiating today a big picture outcome that will have a positive social impact slowly over time – one student/family at a time. What is important is this: It starts NOW because children who are in classrooms today cannot wait for a solution tomorrow. Today is their evolving tomorrow!

Thus, we coin two phrases which bottom line our intention and vision:

        1.  Advocating an Educational Revolution by Evolution, and
        2.  Rapport Teaching Escalates Learning: A New Educational Paradigm

Clarity in how to bring a paradigm shift into reality, is our unique offering to the educational reform movement.


Our services range from 

  • awareness and inspiration seminars,
  • courses to prepare parents as the first teachers of their children,
  • three levels of teacher training to carry out the tasks of actually creating intentional educational schools.

To LEARN MORE about this exciting idea, read… “How Do We Catalyze a Paradigm Shift?”  and, Matea Model: A New Breed of Rapport Driven Teaching.


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