The Antakarana Co-Creation Learning Project – A.K.R.N.A organization, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has become part of the Ashoka global network of change makers with our offering as a social entrepreneur and innovator… working to create tomorrow’s jobs today by being a catalyst for educational system reform:  Ashoka’s “Powering Economic Opportunity: Create a World that Works”.

Over time, we anticipate strengthening our alliance with Ashoka as we

Engage their Changemakers community platform

    • For inspiring and gathering like minded people together
      • who are intent on establishing educational reform and innovations to serve their communities
    • To serve our Mission by providing catalyst leadership and assistance fostering excitement about change in establishing high functioning learning systems for 21st century grads

      • with how-to training and counsel, think tank brainstorming, and awareness raising seminars
    • To encourage and develop our mutual entrepreneurial journeys

      • showing people how generating social well-being via educational systems will look and work for them


We presented our exciting and innovative career creation Matea Model which acts as a catalyst for an educational paradigm shift by training a new breed of entrepreneurial teachers who are aware & well trained in pedagogy and observation. 

Thus, they’re able to discern best practices for optimal responsiveness
>>  to
individual student’s learning needs &
>>  to the dynamics of their classes as interactive socially evolving groups.
They’ll be well trained in communication skills and oriented to collaborate their findings.

It is well documented that the quality of a society’s educational system determines the future well being and economic stability of it.  When education decays, so does it’s society. 

Conversely, we support creating educational systems that teach superior skills and foster balanced leadership that will support thriving communities of constructive leadership capable of influencing many positive transformations for the betterment of human living.

Clearly, education is a long term solution that serves the ways of its community and is a significant catalyst of empowering dynamic economic opportunity for the people it serves!


What is Antakarana (A.K.R.N.A)?
What is Their Mission and Vision?

AKRNA, as a bellwether organization, is truly a pilgrim and cutting edge leader in the field of education and holds a much needed and freeing paradigm shift reality dear in its heart.   The guiding Spirit of AKRNA is determined to see the suffering of people incurred due to educational failures meet its end.  The economic, personal, social, and well-being losses are unacceptable and the apathy of acceptance is fast approaching its end times.



At AKRNA we clearly see a positive horizon of what can be and how it will nurture the soul of our collective human spirit. While this horizon is yet looming as a potential enlightening future, we shall maintain our commitment to this paradigm shift change of what is yet to be made possible via educational excellence available on a grand scale, not just to a limited few.

AKRNA continues to work in building a momentum towards a population enthusiasm that will accept nothing less than efficient educational foundations seeing the light of day. Empowering momentum gains support as we continue to unfold our work step-by-baby-step till it has reached an acceptance level that is blessing and liberating the lives of people the world over.

Selling the vision” has taken on an unanticipated persuasion task requiring tenacity because the obvious has become blurred. The creeping gradualism of lowering standards has taken its toll by obliterating a ready recognition of what comprises a “gold standard” of higher functioning systems from that of more diluted systems. It has muddied the waters of swift effective educational reform by a cascading a plethora of conditions that don’t resolve the problems, but rather it serves to exacerbate the current errs by applying poor pedagogy as the solutions get lost in details, overwhelm, or obfuscation.

The psychological ramifications of this are rather complex and not the topic of this piece, yet, these psyche consequences resist the very balm sought due to confusion about how to proceed with change. All growth entails change; all change entails learning, and so we rise to meet and overcome additional obstacles not initially on our radar.

However, this precisely meets up with our understanding of alive systemsresponding to what presents and adjusting accordingly while being true to original values. Metaphorically, the ship requires a few stops a some additional ports of call on its journey! So be it.

We are grateful to the wonderful Changemakers Team and welcome this opportunity to increase our visibility to investors, potential partners, journalists, and enthusiasts dedicated to educational evolution that successfully meets with achieving the goal of creating a sustainable higher functioning level of educational performance that Dynamically Prepares Students

–to develop their potential as creative persons, and

–to meet our ever changing marketplace and social sphere.



Are You Interested in Learning More

About How You Can Help Make Educational Reform Happen ?


Contact us today so we can be one of your clarifying resources helping you to catalyze the change you want for your child’s education.  We will help you sort out the issues and begin creating your local win-win educational reform that satisfies you and your child.  Improve your schools and you’ll improve your community as well!

The sooner we partner, the quicker you’ll be able to untie the knots of confusing issues and get the results you’ve been striving to make happen. Clarity gives you wings!

Updated 12-17-2011

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