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Our blog, “Lasting Educational Change -5 Bottom Line “Must Haves” lists a cogent summary of our call for action regarding specific outcomes driving our Re-evolution Evolving Education into a Paradigm Shift that will graduate students ready for the 21st century in a globally competent manner. This blog was posted June 18, 2011.

Our entire site speaks to the many facets of HOW-TO Accomplish this desired outcome. As a society, we’ve waited too long to respond to the signs of our education system’s deterioration. Now, our educational failure has reached a crises condition. Urgency reigns. Enough!

Let’s get to the task of creating an entrepreneurial business model that will sustain long-term quality educational system. A vital key within our systems thinking model is The Matea Model, a new breed of teachers. It’s an exciting idea whose time has come.

It is truly cutting edge methodology combined with a commitment in teaching that achieves recognizable in-class, individual and group, learning outcomes, including student enjoyment that is to be found when one is significantly considered while engaged in the learning process itself.

Love of learning is integral to self motivation and leads our way through advancing superior educational perspectives.

This systems model relies on results orientations, synthesis, collaboration, relationship caring/awareness and continual re-assessment via empirical and observable evidence of its effectiveness.  Effectiveness is demonstrated over a period of several years within the scope and interactive awareness of a team of teachers who are engaged in an ongoing relationship with the students in their charge. Time to sufficiently know each other is more natural and informing.

It replaces the antiquated yearly “drop-in and drop-out” cycles that presently dominate schools. Such short-term relationships have proven to be an obstacle with myriad stumbling blocks to furthering healthy educational objectives that would keep America on the leading edge of advancing  educational excellence.

Of course, a shift of guidance coming from policy to that of Principle is empowerment itself opening an intelligent platform for all classroom evolutions.  Principle is alive and, thus,  allows flexibility/creativity to permeate the environments and behaviors for more intelligent responses to dealing with whatever “crops up.”


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