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Founding Team Opportunities

All Organizations have their beginnings.  From the standpoint of creating what is yet to be, it’s exciting because freedom is given its wings to imagine the best that can be while formulating how to make that happen.

Yet, the more attractive side of this freedom is in opening doors of opportunity for proactive career platforms to manifest.

The pendulum keeps swinging in two directions as the creative process attempts to create something from the formlessness of an idea into the reality of a business, an ongoing service, a location, teams of interactive relationships, thriving schools, etc.

On one end of the pendulum’s momentum is the pull of elation as breakthroughs and people join the team, the other is the push of disappointments as “little things” crop up to distract or belay the progress.

Yet, as each swing keeps us moving through the stages, we rise meeting the challenges, as well as the new opportunities, ever revealing a widening path of choices that keep opening up to us.


A.K.R.N.A is Advancing to Opening Doors of Career Opportunities

We are looking to establish an active CORE TEAM who will be, essentially, the founding heart giving wings to A.K.R.N.A by initiating a trustworthy foundation others can rely upon for its integrity and consistency of Principle in action.  We will be the models others will emulate and become their best self, too…

Our talent search is for open minded, passionate people who are self motivated, and willing to grow into greater levels of maturity regarding their skill sets, mind & heart issues, etc. and is outlined below in the career description/position overviews:


Career Description/Position Overviews

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Executive Program Director to manage our project from the business side & be an innovative resourceful influence with experience in collaborative work and able to successfully guide our business through a non profit transition.

This person needs to understand how to do press releases & non-profit funding, be familiar with trademark, copyrights & other legal branding issues, have marketing savvy, make growth projections, manage funding, possibly take oversight of volunteers, and be a confident proactive person with excellent optimistic leadership, envisioning, and articulation skills who emanates a driving passion for education as wholism who can inspire others.

Also, this person needs to be naturally self motivated and willing to be an influential resource to guide our growth and entry into marketing on the web.  I envision this individual as someone who will keep our feet to the ground and moving at a healthy pace.


Administrative Assistant who is an excellent organizational person much like a “Della Street” double!  I envision this person with the same warm regard and respect Perry Mason had for Della; it was her efforts and reliable follow through that enabled Perry to be the genius in the court room that benefited his clients.

Together with a mighty fine researcher, they were a thriving team who appreciated each other’s unique talents.

Some of the skills I will rely upon this person for shall include, personal integrity, good communication skills, an ability to “read between the lines,” an eye for detail, directness, copy reading, all office related abilities, and a good sense of time & humor.


Computer savvy individual who understands all this technology from video to photo, to social media, to mobile media.  This person needs to keep our prolific flow of creativity and content flowing onto the web.

This includes editing video and understanding lighting, and sound and all the stuff that it takes to keep us translating lectures, recordings and the like into the media people love to ingest as their favored pathway to info.  This person needs to love this stuff and is really good at it

Also, this person needs to love this techy geeky stuff and still be open minded to our mission and goals.  Ideally, they will also be comfortable with software and hardware issues, but I know that combo may not be available.  Both are needed though.


Someone really good with communication skills and managing a team of virtual staff, volunteers – to monitor and ensure follow through as well as the quality work we need is what is being accomplished so that our needs are being met with proper people to do the work.



Someone proficient in ASL (American Sign Language) who is familiar with teaching methodology, and is willing to become a Matea, either as a classroom team player, or as an eventual instructor of future teachers.



Note: A bit of maverick spirit, naturally self motivated, pioneering attitude that is open minded with a healthy dose of thinking-on-your-feet will be necessary to enjoy embarking on the A.K.R.N.A ship.

If you got to be a show boat, the most important person, need the comfort zone of a rigid mindset, got to be “right”, and other such inclinations, in all honesty, I doubt you would find A.K.R.N.A “your cup of tea.”

Keep in mind, I listen to the beat of a different drummer, and thus, I’ve heard people speak of me as a maverick with an intense persistent nature.  I know that I’m a very driven, direct, & a bottom line type of person, who will be advocating for your health on all levels of your being… physically, emotionally, mentally, and Spiritually.  This type of forthright environment must be appealing to you for you to be happy and productive, yes?

Oh yes, balance is a key we are always seeking to strike.  The more people who are making our visions move from the horizon into daily life realities, the easier all our tasks become.


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