Eye Opening Experience Urges Founding of AKRNA Foundation

A Shared Journal Note from One of Our Founders, Sharon Quinn Teens Need to Know We Love & Care for Them! “I Need to Know You Care About Me…” “Several years ago, I personally sat in a room before a panel of teens that had been assembled by Oklahoma State Superintendent, Sandy Garret, and looked these disheartened and angry students in their eyes as they made...
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Matea Training Opens 3 Career Paths

Education Leadership   Matea Training is a Career Choice  with A Future for Professional Development in Field of 21st Century Education   Diagram Illustrates the Full Scope of Career Path Opportunities that  Matea Training Makes Available Over time, as your experience matures in applying your Matea teaching and team co-creating skills, you will develop capacities into a natural...
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Matea Model: New Breed of Teacher

Matea Model is a New Breed of Entrepreneurial Teachers: Liberators from Rote   INTRODUCTION Addressing the Need for Education Change Models and Our Reluctance to, “Carpe Diem!” Why a new model for education? It’s pragmatic; our current system is producing graduates so unprepared for the world they  graduate into that we are suffering notable social decay, economic...
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