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are an innovative organization structured for impacting society & individuals to reach out of the proverbial “box” by overcoming their fear of uncertainty with change, so they can & WILL engage their full potential, on the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual levels of their being. This speaks to the integrity and healthiness of being whole and educating from open ended, alive, & interactive systems.




A.K.R.N.A Brings Unifying Principles into Educational Reform as Integral to

Creating a Long Term 21st Century Solution

In this article of the series, we’ll address the 3rd Principle of a successful formula for educational reform:


The Value of Being “Alive”
Able to Modify Teaching to Immediately
Enhance Learning Outcomes


As integral to creating a paradigm shift in educational reform, we encourage people to experiment and adjust as continual feedback monitoring indicates is necessary.

>>This is being responsive to empirical feedback based on what our learned observations inform us about progress being made or not happening as expected.

>>But the greater value we can derive from this type of information is what we are being informed about methodology, student acceptance or rejection, etc. 

>>What we have is an open door to useful conversations encouraging meaningful communication exchanges that we can build upon enhancing relationships, a sense of mattering and spurring creativity.

>>We trust from experience and the well established reputation of the Montessori Method, that well honed skills trained in comprehending and discerning the meaning of what observations and behavioral changes informatively indicate, is what makes empirical evidence a reliable measure we can resource for growth guidance.

Whatever clinically proves useful to learning, communicating, or enhances relating is supported. Flexibility implies swift action for accountability rather than the rigidity of being bound by policies that cannot meet the nuances of the moment.

>>Schooling presents an endless list of nuances as kids are fluid with a wide range of unique needs. This is a fact of life and education because we are essentially human and not robotic.



Fear of Change Slows the Healing Process that Systems Thinking Educational Reform Will Rectify



As we discussed in the 1st article in this series about what systems thinking actually is, here we explore a quality of living systems that are open ended and in continual exchange within their environment, both within (class & community) and externally (home, local, & worldwide concerns as what the internet brings to us “locally”).  

Rapport driven education is the most potent way to teach and learn.

>>This means many dynamics are interacting with teaching and learning: Both are evolving from these exchanges and effecting transformational shifts we’ll enjoy as accelerated learning outcomes. And, more importantly, there are meaningful relationships developing!

Montessori inspired environments provide a solid ordered environment that is

  • A contained learning-generating system.
  • It provides for a freedom of movement without producing chaos.
  • They inspire peacefulness and excite our exploring or curiosity faculties.  

>>All of which enhances motivation to learn and teach.

However, this is quite a change from the static classroom structures so prevalent today, and it is this almost diametrical difference that triggers a fear of change because it “feels” unsure due to its unknown quality. 

There are no guarantees and this causes hesitation to change.

>>This hesitation translates as frustration. 

>>It begets a languishing reform movement with a rapidly declining ability to stay connected to the dream or visions as the creating/healing/restructuring process ensues. 

It is more inclined to only
>talk about such things,
focus on methods and/or problems.

What accounts for this?

>>In some cases it’s a matter of distractions or complacency. For others, it is a matter of engaging operational or tactical thinking when strategic thinking is what is required.

>>Yet, for others, it’s a matter of deferring to fear which not only drains energy, creativity, and enthusiasm, it leads to poor judgment overshadowing insight. And, for others, there is a pervading sense of overwhelm with too many options or confusion over myriad and conflicting issues.

>>Even the “experts” express being baffled by many of the problems, issues and causes surrounding the difficulties education is facing.

The present momentum in educational reform is focused in replicating what is known or we’ve always done with new band-aid solutions that are not only a dilution of force, they inadvertently feed the notion of problems being so gigantic they can’t be solved.

Reform feels like entering a maze with many confusing elements.

>>This type of response demonstrates a widespread example of tactical or operational thinking which functions by a dynamic that is the opposite of the results oriented or strategical thinking that A.K.R.N.A is advocating as vital to educational reform.

>>Tactical thinking allows for a false sense of “doing something” that dulls our senses and abilities as it jades our outlook with “nothing seems to work.”

>>This adds up to making us accept substandard realities. This is sad. As a nation, we’ve really lost our way; a brilliant education can rectify it, too.

This is unacceptable to our paradigm and fails to meet our standard of “alive” and responsive thinking that generates doing because it belies our intention by clinging to that which has out-lived its purposefulness.

It takes courage to be a model of change that demonstrates the way we can go rather than the way we’ve always done.  A.K.R.N.A advocates Systems Thinking, which is strategical thinking, because it is capable of achieving consistent long range outcomes by virtue of it being driven by Principles not policies, and it takes the long term outcomes into account when considering current solutions.



In Conclusion:


If what you’ve read here resonates with you, we invite you to Join our Cause, be it as an educational reformer, an alliance,a partner, a teacher, a student, a staff member, or as a supporting donor or volunteer. All involvement leads to improving our educational systems with our children and our future as benefactors.

We seek a wide range of people attuned and inspirited with this attitude to bring their unique set of skills and inspiration to our collective table and initiate an entrepreneurial educational model of excellence–one worthy of our children because it will support their growth into a prepared future with well-honed skills.

We need a proficient staff who possesses an array of technical savvy of the computer kind for web agility that efficiently gets our message out to a world desperate for such change with the courage & readiness to take action.


Consider your relationship with A.K.R.N.A as an interactive investment pregnant with empowerment on many levels of impact for changing our collective future, especially in the ways we educate, relate, and do business. Our KIDS will BENEFIT immediately, too!

No quick fixes are entertained, no hype as a means to an end; integrity is integrally resonant with Universal Principles and lies at the heart of all our work. We will not accept anything that taints integrity. Why should we?


Join us and help collectively create a brilliant educational system. It starts today because what we do or don’t do today is creating our tomorrow.


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