Education’s Exit Stage Launches a Paradigm Shift

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Our Vision SEES How “the Beginning Is in the End”!

Our Vision/Mission & Service to Advancing an Educational Paradigm Shift:
Part 1 – Let’s lay some ground work for a common understanding and orientation for clarifying a graduating goal …

Our Mission and Desired Outcome: We begin our story with the intention and hope it will become part of your story…

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Our vision is about making breakthroughs and getting beyond the limits and obstacles of status quo thinking, of trying to change by remaining the same or doing it like “everyone expects” it to be done.  This is essentially dependency, and thinking within “the BOX”.  While this is the standard comfort zone, it does limit the scope and success potential of change by denying creativity and insight.



A.K.R.N.A is seeking to create a modern education system for 21st century preparedness because we’ve already exited the industrial age and are well entered into the Age of Info and Technology along with the rapid changes it has birthed into our daily lives and workplace.  Continuing to ignore our responsibilities for arresting educational failure is harmful to our children and society. 

We are already experiencing a rise in how it is not only making a criminal impact upon on our kids, but it is causing more societal fears as terrorism, instant gratification, superficiality, intolerance of differences, and economic downturns are increasing the stresses of living and relating.


The business of education seems to fussing about money, politics, and policy.  Yet, these are NOT causal factors, they are symptoms of deeper causal issues not appropriately meeting learning needs and consequently causing a slew of problems for us to deal with that seem overwhelmingly complicated to sort out. It’s time to rethink what our current education system was designed to do, versus what it NEEDS to be doing to keep pace with how technology is changing everything we do.

Thus, education reform is not money and politics, nor is it about policy.  It is ESSENTIALLY about addressing two basic things:
1.)  A state of mind that is not WILLING to change nor admit we are valuing the status quo of what Industrial Age schooling needed to produce over progress and change itself to meet the needs of Information-Technology Age.
2.)  Clarifying what are the causal factors supporting failure in learning as well as what needs to be learned that is not being taught.

“What was good enough for me is good enough for my child” is the type of dependency upon tradition that interferes with progress rather than learning from the past and building upon its lessons. 

Technology has proven to be a force of rapid changes, and this mean we do not have the luxury of adapting slowing to the shifts. 

Education, more than any other area of our lives is vulnerable to this dynamic because education is passing on knowledge we deem vital to adult life.  For humans, this is more than merely survival and bill paying.  It is about happiness, health, relationships, thriving, and creating peace and  prosperity.


This business life cycle graphic makes it easy to understand a rather difficult concept about the growth and death cycle businesses face.

A business can have a small idea or have a big idea to deliver a service or product.  Yet, a grand business starts with an idea that is fed by passion envisioning an all encompassing very Big Picture idea we call, BHAAG (Big Heartfelt Awesome Audacious Goal). 

So, a BHAAG is a big vision GOAL filled with passion for something exciting, prosperous, or beautiful, in that it takes us to some “Impossible Dream” that is “delicious” because it feeds the heart of our human spirit.  But, to be a BHAAG, the idea needs go beyond dreaming and hoping.  It is an idea that gets brainstormed, experimented with, and given a RESULTS ORIENTED plan aiming for a clearly identified outcome so that everyone involved knows when the BHAAG (goal) is achieved.   A goal of this proportion requires a committed intention to see its end accomplished, and the desired recognizable achievement is the inspiring force that maintains a driving spirit to see it completed!

Education Systems nurture our children into adults who will eventually be the heart and soul of societies that will either thrive and provide leadership for good, be mediocre, or decay and be filled with strife, pain, and suffering.  As such empowering businesses, don’t you think, every school needs to have the clarity and force of a BHAAG to guide their development and determine their graduating intention?!

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Whatever the founding purpose of any business may be formulated to be, its purpose will cause it to be Structured in a given manner so that it can Function to serve that purpose.  We call that a Structure/Function (S/F) dynamic.

All business evolve from their beginning to their eventual end and having a clear sense of where a business is within this cycle is useful to determine what responses will best serve the business in continuing to function successfully.  Is it time to repair? Time to adjust? Time to expand? Time to prepare for rethink for a new beginning?  Denial about where a business is in its life cycle, can only mean incurring more losses than gains as the exit time is neared.

The S/F of current pubic education systems have been moving toward the exit end of their business life cycle for some time. The rising failure of learning to meet with our societal needs is a well known fact as indicated by the rise of educational reform movements and a growing public decry.

The slow painful death of incurring ever increasing losses and disappointments is useless and not a response-able choice, especially when our children and our societal/economic health are at stake. 

Our progress for sustainable change is imprisoned till we face this exit and leave the old educational ways that are outdated and causing us economic decline.  It is torturing present day students with boredom and lousy jobs, too boot!


The cluelessness of many policy makers, education statisticians, politicians, school administrators, the public at large, can be largely met with understanding how we are in a denied exit stage while trying to repair something that has been long outdated. 

Our denial has turned educational reform into a Sisyphus battle and nothing but pain and losses are on the menu of continued denial.  When a game is over, it is ended and we go home, we don’t keep trying to make it continue; this is not any different except the losses are much dearer – out kids and future economy/society.


Birthing alliances for collaborative new beginnings is the wave of our world future, we may as well initiate such behaviors and co-creating partnerships now because this would remarkably speed up the process and transitions from what is failing into well formulated beginnings.  An educational paradigm shift qualifies as a BHAAG idea and project!  A.K.R.N.A offers services to directly assist people in figuring out how they can ease into the process of meeting the challenges of embracing an educational paradigm shift.


ON the sphere, you see a broad stroke highlighting affective domain learning as inclusive to a well rounded educational curriculum.  In this day and age, we cannot afford to miss any of these skills as our learning.  The 3 R’s is MINIMAL, and even that is not being presently being  delivered with sufficiency!  How many of these skills were part of your schooling?  How many are on your child’s learning curriculum?  Do you think schools are progressing, in a standstill, or worse, retrograding?

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