Educational “Experts” are Clueless! (Yikes)

Wow, I stumbled across this article in The Washington Post written by Lois Romano, “Literacy of College Graduates Is on Decline Survey’s Finding of a Drop in Reading Proficiency Is Inexplicable, Experts Say”.

From that alone, can you guess why I was taken aback and felt compelled to make a few comments about the supposed mystery?

This phrase, “is inexplicable, experts say,” is what made me stop in disbelief.

Experts have NO IDEA!?  Really?  This is more than sad, it is disturbing on many levels, yet, it makes my point for me and underscores most of what you’ll read here in our Blogging Educational Sense.

This level of inability in put ting 2+2 together is a red flag par excellence, is it not?

Such babble is much ado about nothing and has been a motivating factor as to why AKRNA takes our ship out of the confused harbors of public education and chooses to “go parallel.”

Why spin in the mess of spinning our wheels and tossing our hands in the air of uncertainty that depletes all our energy reserves and sucks all the wind out of our sails before we even leave the port docks?

Now, let’s give this quote more context.  Here’s the excerpt from the  article I mentioned above:

While more Americans are graduating from college, and more than ever are applying for admission, far fewer are leaving higher education with the skills needed to comprehend routine data, such as reading a table about the relationship between blood pressure and physical activity, according to the federal study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics.

Experts could not definitively explain the drop.

“The declining impact of education on our adult population was the biggest surprise for us, and we just don’t have a good explanation,” said Mark S. Schneider, commissioner of education statistics.

Now that is a BAD CASE of being blinded by stats!

Here’s the “baffling” insight common sense and observation make apparent, and frankly, I suspect a vast majority of people would grok rather easily.  I’m quite perplexed why this recognition would escape any “expert’s” awareness.

Clearly, class teaching is missing the mark; it  is NOT effectively teaching for learning or
We’d get a targeted learning outcome.

(The root of the weed has been exposed or the mystery is not so mysterious)

 We are teaching for status, stats, and test scores. We’re driven by mandates, punishments, rewards, awards,  incentives, policies, politics, and other non-learning  outcomes. The agenda is skewed; it’s advocating bad teaching practices and the results of declining abilities in students soars.

Teaching to please the teacher, to make it easier or cheaper on the staff and administration is what we consider, way off course, missing the intention of teaching all together, and misdirected  priorities. 

Since LEARNING is not the PRIME FOCUS, it is not delivered, and so the decline in lowered learning outcomes.  A cogent answer: direct, on-point, to-the-point, and strikes at the cause or the function of all education – to LEARN, and enjoy the process.  There you have it – the answer & it reveals a Structure/Function flaw.

Elegance of Simplicity is Clarity, Directness and Wholism. It is not overly simplistic, is it pure and simple without confusion, obfuscating and meaningless details, gaps, or fluff.

MORE Discussion Elaborating on this “Discovery”

This flaw of focus or intention has generated varying brands of  perverse consequences that inevitably ensue due to our pursuit of “qualifying with high enough test scores” to secure the next round of government funding, rather than focusing on the learning outcome reason that parent’s are sending their kids to schools to obtain.

Is this a crack in the system or a rabbit hole into obscurity and insanity where common sense is discarded for a rote sterile regime designed to suck-in money and spit-out kids because that is the name of the game – show me the money, the hell with “the cost” in human terms?

Data driven decision making makes kids rote empty puppets who are dispensable commodities to our statistical bottom line… best to toss-out the low performers so as to not  pollute our qualifying  for money and status over child welfare and well-being – a striving over thriving model needs a hefty rethink of its purpose and structure.

Kids are students who are in schools to learn; they come to schools for their education to prepare them for adulthood with proficient skills to meet their world.

Yet, kids are not getting a decent education, they are being bored to death, bored to tears, and angry by adult hypocrisy and exploitation of wasting them away while we are preaching an agenda we don’t fulfill and telling them we’ll build them up as we brain en-train them on standards-based education regime of conformity to diluted expectations.  It’s been coined, “dumbing  down”.

We demoralize them with tests that demand they master drivel and gruel & do more to encourage dropping out than rising to any values or challenges.  It’s quite bothersome & inconvenient to have low-performers lowering our test scores.  Do we interest them, show them meaning?

No, we bore them, dilute them, force them to comply, and wash their brains silly.  They resent it, and that is appropriate because our acceptance of an unacceptable system is taking their value and worth and casting it to the winds of time.

Schools are doing it which means teachers are doing it; they’ve lost their way leashed to administrative & policy.  Administrators and teachers are suffering from a myopic blindness that is money tinged over the VALUE of a live student before them in need of learning real info, not rote and trite “stuff” that bores the life and joy out of them!  That’s ridiculous.

I know in a fundamental way, that the problem is HOW we teach at them, including WHAT we DON’T teach.  We bore students to death.

Go, get on the web and take a Google spin…type in something like, “bored with school” and see the massive info flooding the net regarding how to deal with classroom boredom. Teen input made it CLEAR; it’s been made into a stale mix of pabulum that is grueling to endure.

Some find ways to spoof the system or teacher with silly pranks, some explode in violence and rage, some just lose their verve and opt to numb out with the local junkie.  I got burdened and angry reading about their burdens of dealing with so much ado about nothing – Their word for it is BORING!!!

If this sounds indignant, you got it right. I got an inconvenient education about student suffering on the Google sled as slipped over some icy territory yesterday.

I slipped in and out of teen sites learning about a boredom-pain proportion that was larger than I imagined.

It’s proportion weighted me, and so, today, I voice their pain out for you to read in the framework of answers and educational soulutions.

When I hammer a problem heavily, I like to offer a solution.  This one is especially grand in that it has years of contemplation and experience behind it, and it qualifies as a soulution that goes directly to WHAT is NEEDED without gaps; nothing is sacrificed because sacrifice is unnecessary.  It is the Matea Model

Money & school performance lessons I dare say did not please my sensibilities, yet, I LEARNED and it did strengthen my resolve to see the Matea Model become our new standard.



All to Love,
Co-founder of AKRNA, Education Strategist


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