Eye Opening Experience Urges Founding of AKRNA Foundation

A Shared Journal Note from One of Our Founders, Sharon Quinn
Teens Need to Know We Love & Care for Them!

“I Need to Know You Care About Me…”

“Several years ago, I personally sat in a room before a panel of teens that had been assembled by Oklahoma State Superintendent, Sandy Garret, and looked these disheartened and angry students in their eyes as they made heart-wrenchingly clear to all attendees, ‘We don’t feel like you care about us…Why not??’

Their compelling and brave plea lingers to this day as they rebelled the status quo saying, ‘No, Enough!’ to all of us in the room. I noticed how many in the room were moved to tears as they were furtively dabbing their eyes.

I heard these teens and could not forget their pleas. In my zeal, I shared this experience with people in the hopes they would feel motivated to “do something about it.” When I shared this story with Tina Samuel, a enduring friend and co-teacher from our As Buds Blossom days, she was naturally moved, as I knew she would be.

Yet, it wasn’t until I met Dennis Gillum, and this story struck a deep affinity chord in him, that a critical mass of intention was born. We collectively found strength to move from our inertia and do something about it. Eventually, we founded Antakarana Co-Creation Learning Project – A.K.R.N.A and found ourselves masterminding a way to return education to being a joyful process where all participants KNOW that they matter!

Today, these teen’s pleas meet with listening adults who care and have given birth to our advocacy of an educational revolution by evolution focused on building sustainable foundations in education that will end the failure.

We  aim to achieve this by raising awareness & talent to progress an educational paradigm shift.  Since 2007, we’ve spent a lot of time in think tank sessions brainstorming ways to formulate a vision with a plan. 

We’ve been moving the line of progress from think tank to experimenting with the application of ideas in order to test their validity.  This approach has been evolving ideas into valuable insightful experience for leadership that delivers desired outcomes enhancing & advancing learning.

We see responding with an organization dedicated to this purpose as an uplifting process that will initiate a long overdue paradigm shift rooted in Principles rather than policies. Principle has the power and integrity of truth to turn this momentum around and deliver satisfaction to a broader scope of families.


How Do We Regain Our Children’s Trust?

We start by teaching the kids who are before us in a way that let’s them know and feel that THEY DO MATTER.  This is integral to Doing Education Right!

Trust starts by acknowledging how we’re involved in a symbiotic relationship with respect, communication, and considerations integral in how we deal with each other. Having kids, teachers and parents aware and involved in a deliberate win-win partnership is the most natural way to achieve this trust.

One student at a time, actually learning, is a how it is done. We can do that much and we know that it will grow. Taking the first steps changes everything because that is hope supplanting denial.”

Delay is the deadliest form of denial.

— C. Northcote Parkinson


We invite you to join our cause and be part of this wonderful story about healing reform that reconnects schools with healthy functioning.

We have clarity about the issues coupled with causal type solutions and have become sufficiently tired of merely talking about the problems of failed education.

Help me out, I got a question… I Want to Join the Effort!


Our Mission, Goals, & Values
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Our History
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5 Systems Thinking Questions re Education Reform


This broadens how profitability is defined and measured to include more than strictly monetary value.Value is justly measured in terms of people’s well-being & consciousness improvements, too. Non-profits translate gain & success beyond mere capital gains – the benefits people gain are weighed-in on their bottom line.

Non-profit gain is reinvested into advancing the programs it is supporting, advocating, and giving life & direction to so as to maintain project viability.

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