Gratitude Speaks!

We are Grateful for
The services, expertise, support and wisdom of those who support our efforts in reaching out to YOU…

Organizations like Antakarana Co-Creation Learning Project (A.K.R.N.A) rely on the generous support of businesses and people like you for continued growth and success of their programs.

Partnerships are a wonderful thing… they make the word of caring and sharing go round…
To learn about our partnership and corporate sponsorship opportunities,
contact Sharon Quinn at [email protected]

or at 405-384-4498.

The great folks at Sweetspot
We wouldn’t be on the web, or we wouldn’t look this good…without your guidance and support. Thank you!




  Thank You for making the hardware issues “a piece of cake”!




Nonprofit Partnerships Strengthening Each Others Missions & Success

The United Charitable Programs (UCP) project, Antakarana Co-creation Learning Project (AKRNA), has partnered with Vehicles For Charity to process donated vehicles.