How Do We Catalyze a Paradigm Shift?

 How does A.K.R.N.A  Advocate and Act as a Catalyst of Intentional Change for an Educational Revolution by Evolution?

Grassroots Services
Several Bottom Line Reform Paths
Synopsis of 21st Century Life Skills Education
LONG TERM: Matea Model & Local Pilot Schools

As a catalyst organization we inspire and educate how-to do what is needed to approach reform that really works.

We see our response-ability as using our experience to

  • Help people frame hope/visions/dreams
  • Introduce approaches focused on the bull’s eye of their targets
  • Help people understand how a long term vision will unfold step-by-step, making the choice to begin less daunting:  We spark deeper insights by reducing problems to their bottom lines and causal factors. 
  • And with this clarity, we ignite motivation, inspire enduring attitudes, and nurture the process with educational support.  This support gives people the how-to-do-it skills they need enabling them to accomplish their goals, which will lead to their vision being realized and enjoyed!
  • Help people realize that educational reform need NOT be an all or nothing approach… show them how they can start with something that’s useful – something which gets them on a focused path of enduring improvements.
  • Inspire people’s efforts with short term options and goals they may not have considered

You can start with humble effective beginnings that will emerge into the desired long term intention. And, this is important because early success initiates a momentum that carries your shift forward.

Grassroots means we want to meet you. Most people know they want educational change, they know some things cannot continue, they have insights about what is needed, but they are overwhelmed by where to start. We would be delighted to serve you in breaking through such barriers:

  •  Productive Brainstorming Sessions
    • To clarify your issues and challenges that are realistic
    • To sort out the maze of options and concerns and prioritize your objectives
    • To answer your questions about learning and pedagogy
    • To find solutions to your problems that will work as intended
    • To open awareness of opportunities available
  • Assist in Connecting Like-Mined People Together
  • Teach Parenting Skills and Discipline that Teaches Thinking Skills without Harm
  • Invite us to Come and Speak to Inspire Motivation in Your Neighborhood
  • Public Awareness Seminars of Issues and Solutions
  • Enhanced Creative Montessori Courses – Subject Specific for Tutoring (eg. math, reading skills, etc.)

In simplifying the approach to entering a paradigm shift with intention, we realized there are several bottom line paths to directly achieve educational reform that will attain the learning outcomes people intend to accomplish

– from short term solutions that will resolve present shortcomings,

– to strengthening & incorporating programs that will gradually build long term educational systems,

– to initiating the process of creating a paradigm shift by establishing local pilot projects that will model how new standards will look and work in classrooms, as well as demonstrating achieved successes, thereby encouraging others to replicate and expand the reach of the educational paradigm shift that’s innate in intentional education reform. 

It is wise and realistic to remind ourselves that these varying avenues leading to eventual success are more a matter of resources, commitment, and verve that offer people healthy pacing options that they can embrace in order to get involved with a paradigm shift change without getting overwhelmed in the process. Contact us so we can assist you and make the transitions of educational reform more direct and easier!

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 Synopsis of 21st Century Life Skills Education

We recognize that Education for the Information-Technology Age needs to be resilient and evolving, delivering higher levels of functioning such as inventive possibilities of using our minds as creative tools, skills beyond the three “R’s”, attitudes of social and environmental consciousness, and what comprises responsible involvement.  We assist those interested in education reform such as parents, students, and teacher with training – education itself as an answer… how to and principle cause-effect info is empowering to dynamic change and we get people connected with such info.

A.K.R.N.A promotes the development & strengthening of schools founded from realizations incorporating the values of involving the whole person, enhancing parental involvement, mutuality, respect, multidisciplinary methods for academic excellence through varied learning paths, emotional IQ, communication, collaboration, and character development organized into a synthesis curriculum as the new foundation needed to meet 21st century challenges with preparedness.

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LONG TERM: Matea Model & Local Pilot Schools

We are prepared to teach and mentor a new breed of teachers called Mates. We’ve developed a core curriculum supporting collaborative team teaching intended to establish public pilot schools that will serve as a models. 

These models will demonstrate how a unique teaching palette of methods with enhanced abilities to improve student learning, relationships, and communication, begets a highly functional learning environment that maximizes teacher, student and parental involvement, and enjoyment.

A key quality of Mateas will be their rapport abilities adept at touching the human spirit in their students.  This spirit ignites their natural learning motives to educate themselves to be the best they can be, for themselves. 

Additionally, the Matea skill of possessing highly developed observational abilities comprehending the empirical feedback being communicated on a daily basis, compelled Maria Montessori to see teachers as directors of learning responding to student’s progress.

Learn more about the Matea Model, and its career path options.

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