Antakarana was founded so this child wouldn’t have to worry about his educational future any longer…

We’ll teach you how to inspire meaningful purpose in students, teach for learning skills, not memorization.

Skills that are essential curriculum inclusions and can no longer be left out are

critical & creative thinking, mutuality of respect,
communication, collaboration,
self discipline, win-win relating,and
inner centering, how to make learning enjoyable.

To sit on the answers we have, would not be the right thing to do…We know how to ignite a love of learning and how to accomplish such learning results in classrooms with consistency. JOIN US & Let’s Get Started Doing Education Right!


I’m motivated to make YOUR efforts effective by using my insights and understanding to illuminate the struggle and processes.  I live to provide necessary guidance for a comprehensive approach to reform.                                                                That’s what we need. Nothing less. …..Sharon Quinn, Education Strategist & A.K.R.N.A Program Director

We need your support, in funding and manpower, because we are emerging upon a playing field of educational reform, more at odds within itself from divergent agendas, and torn with conflict because of not knowing, with clarity, the answers they seek.

We are possessed of acumen and need capital to give that knowledge a stable path to those seeking the answers we have. It is time; people are ready for education to be exciting again and not a continuing disappointment. We desire what we presently know, to be what you will know, too.

Here’s a great video that I’m delighted to share with you. It wonderfully and artistically articulates how we are shifting through a polarized difference in educational needs as we move from an industrial age into a technology/information age.

“This animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin award.” –taken from Youtube

 Changing Educational Paradigm


My cumulative understanding and intuitive insights of how to teach our youth to be prepared adults, flows from how I grok underlying patterns of structure-function, results-oriented thinking, and Principles.

“You have to have a reason to be optimistic; a plan formulated from experiential successes in classrooms is one good reason. It trumps the minefield of unknowns pregnant in every theory.”   —Sharon

It includes several optimistic and practical awarenesses:

  1. Joy must fill our classrooms; learning is naturally intriguing and fun.
  2. Every child MUST know why, or his/her benefits of learning. They need a definitive say in defining their purpose to learn.
  3. Team teaching and spans-of-time teaching are necessary; relationships and development occur over time. Age grouping inhibits learning.
  4. Affective domain holds the key to human brilliance and happiness; it provides a platform to experiment with the expression of one’s being.
  5. A comprehensive approach requiring short and long term goals is integral to enhancing learning outcomes for both students and the educational system.
  6. Learning takes priority over teaching.
  7. Socratic methodology is required to elicit & develop high functioning thinking skills.
  8. A Prepared Environment, rich in self applied learning tools, and categorically organized, produces a stable platform for autonomy, self pacing and individual assistance.
  9. Wholism, synthesis, synergy, empirical feedback, & a high measure of expectancy ‘to win’, are new metrics to be included.

It’s patently obvious to me that tests and scores are contrived techniques of measurement that give a false sense of security about learning.  They point to memory of rote recall, and not to the desired and useful skills of  discerning, analyzing, organizing, communicating, or creativity. 

They FAIL to indicate levels of learning satisfaction that promote self motivation as in autonomy, self-reflection of influence, sense of purpose, empowerment, recognition of mastery, aesthetic pleasure, or a sense of evolving ones’ sense of value and worth. 

Education for the 21st century, that of the information and technology age, is presently ushering into our reality, and it requires abilities of high level thinking, self direction ability, and relating skills.  There’s no reason that education should be tedious, avoided, or dreaded. 

Education Done Right! makes leaning a GREAT EXPERIENCE filled with a normal progression of exploration –> discovery –> adventure –> invention! Such education is easy to embrace because it is not seen as a waste of time or boring, thus, going to school is welcomed as students look forward to a new day, wondering what they will learn!

Let’s clear our minds of doubt as to what our children need to learn in order to thrive and create a unified world that is productive and nurturing to our whole being: physically, mentally, emotionally, and uplifts our human spirit for experiencing the best of what makes us human for socioeconomic well-being.


Join Our Cause for a Brilliant Educational Tomorrow…
 Spread the Word, We Have Answers People are Looking For so They CAN Make Educational Change a Reality! 🙂

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