Matea Model is a New Breed of Entrepreneurial Teachers: Liberators from Rote



Addressing the Need for Education Change Models and

Our Reluctance to, “Carpe Diem!”

Why a new model for education? It’s pragmatic; our current system is producing graduates so unprepared for the world they  graduate into that we are suffering notable social decay, economic turn-down, and man’s inhumanity to man is giving rise to a devastating complacency regarding crime, drug traffic, human trafficking, violence in schools, ad nauseam.

Essentially, it is cruel to not do so. Adults are accountable and responsible for nurturing their young into being fully functional and healthy adults.  Dare we say, high functioning is also our obligation in a technology age?

If we are honest with ourselves, as adults, we share a triune (biological, ethical and social) imperative: We must halt our decline; we cannot continue the folly of pretending all is well with education as it currently exists, nor can we continue to assert that policy is the way of rectification.

Simply, they are not producing satisfactory results and our losses are most honestly measured in human angst, Teen Pain of Boredomrising poverty, and unconscionable debt in securing a “needed” college degree that is held out as a false panacea because it doesn’t fulfill.  Graduates are not securing the careers their “advanced educational degrees” promised would be their “tuition’s payday.”  It is not the reality; it’s a farce with disastrous economic consequences. Kids are always at the mercy of adults to protect and provide for them, and it’s difficult to not see we have crossed the line into neglect.

As I re-read these words, I think, “Is this too harsh?”, and then I ponder, harsh to hear or harsh to be required to live it’s reality?  I opt for the kid’s endurance as the harsher of the two experiences.

Adults are liable for the shortcoming, too, albeit I don’t hear too many adults holding themselves accountable.  If parents & teachers would NOT allow & accept absurd practices as “social promotions,” “slippery-sliding grades,” making excuses for failure, and labeling many alternative learning intelligences as learning disabilities, and other such counterproductive “methodologies” to enter the educational arena, we would have harnessed many of our current problems, and likely not even have the problems today.  We have policy blocking the wisdom of Principle.

Let me CLARIFY, I mention such things, NOT to blame, attack, or argue. Absolutely NOT.  I highlight them for the purpose of acknowledging what so many seem to remain hush-hush about. It is the elephant in the room syndrome that is being brushed aside, discounted, &/and ignored.  Elephants really get in the way and cramp freedom when they’ve matured as this one has, and it needs a bit of a nudge so we can get on with the business of making the changes we need without further delays that are serving the denial of the elephant!  It is a brand of Catch-22, is it not?!  Motivation to get moving and focus on serious change that is learning focused, is the name of the game.

The core engine of present education is outdated.  This means we need a new core or nucleus for a different system.  It is like when computer technology moved from DOS to Windows; it had to happen because the limits DOS imposed created a detrimental ceiling to progress and growth.  Essentially, education is facing the same type of core shift, and has been in denial about meeting its exit stage. Defending what-is is not useful anymore, it has become tragic. Strategically, it is time to let it go and release “the proverbial box”.

Business, motivated by profit potential, has been more responsive to “leap” into the future, guided by what technology has been suggesting is needed to be the ensuing course to follow, than we as parents, educators, and leaders have been in re-framing our educational system to keep our children abreast with the pace of business.

Yet, is not our profit potential far more precious, our children’s future? More so, our children are the minds who will be entering the businesses we are failing to educate them with proper readiness to meet with requisite skill-sets.  From the clarity of this perspective, it’s rather difficult to understand how we could have gotten this so wrong.

We’re smart enough, and sadly, we’ve accumulated a long negative track record, to know that stumbling haphazardly through growth and educational change is not going to produce the quality of outcomes that deliberate and calculated approaches geared to learning would produce. To date,our education change process has delivered sufficient evidence that stumbling is destructive to our civilization and economic solvency, yet we persist!?  Why? Do you have the answer?

It’s time to address fundamental change to the education system’s structure in order for it to serve an learning function.  This means a restructuring based on the function of learning, or what is called a structure-function (S/F) answer.  S/F implies a foundation that is whole for long-term success. The Matea Model is a S/F answer that has grown some roots since its inception qualifying to be more than “just a theory or passing idea”.

The Matea Model

The Matea Model was Conceived over Two Decades Ago and has
Gradually Evolved into a Workable Solution.

The framework of The Matea Model is collaborative not competitive because world peace requires skills of communication and mutuality. Competition can be taught elsewhere as it surely is done in sports.  Sports is more about entertainment and is best dealt with outside the schooling systems.  It is well suited to private enterprise.  This delegation frees up education’s focus to be clearly honed-in on skills for life success, as that is the proper purview of education.

Notice how present educational systems have strayed from life skill success as their primary endeavor?  This veering has shifted the heart and souls of our schools away from original learning intentions into a more entertaining & placating mind-set.  We cannot ignore, nor downplay, the relevance of this shift.

It has caused many of our consequent learning deficits in schools by diverting limited resources away from the classrooms and into courtyards. While this article is not the proper venue to delve deeply into the ramifications of this, it’s influential impact is relevant enough to warrant its mention as a detrimental factor for its obfuscating role.


Bottom Line Summary of How Matea is a Change Model: A New Breed

MATEA: Responsive & Emulation Model Establishes Rapport & Gives Respect to Open Up a Relationship so as to Draw Out a Student’s Innate Intelligence into their Awareness, so They may Organize it as Knowledge that’s Experientially Learned for their Knowing (“Do as I Do” and Talks to learner)
IN RELATIONSHIP   TO TEACHER: Authoritative & Demands Obeying as Respect; Commanding rather than Inviting; “Giver of the Knowledge”  (“Do as I Say” and Talks at the learner)
Assesses learning progress via OBSERVATION & empirical feedback systems, journaling, charts of progress, & learning contracts with students & parents; monitoring awareness with communication; emphasis on purpose driven learning as an investment in skill development & self worth: a perennial self becoming MORE…
DOES  NOT rely upon–>


<–SEES Beyond

Assesses superficial progress via testing scores, arbitrary grades, stats driven, & punishment/reward systems – Not tied to personal purpose and benefit appreciation.
Uses Socratic Method of questioning to draw info & awareness out of learners; trains to think on feet & develop reflective thinking with critical awareness & creativity; also demonstrates & mentors DOES  NOT rely upon–>&<–SEES Beyond
Uses a gate-keeper model of telling info to students to remember & superficially feedback. rote repetition of facts; lots of workbooks to choose T/F or multiple choice type of answers; a marginalized process favoring fragmentation over synthesis.
Assesses a student’s preferred learning path/style & formulates lessons into that format to meets the student’s highest receptivity levels & instills enjoyment of learning as a process of esteeming and developing oneself with meaning. Integrating information and weaving “things” together for wholism is central to the process.
DOES  NOT rely upon–>


<–SEES Beyond

Uses the teacher’s preferred method of delivery which is generally verbally delivered  to students sitting in desks listening to learn.  Everyone is expected to learn at same pace, by same methods, and with their peer age group – a very segmented process with isolated subjects & very little integration.
Teaches to a specific person… and to group dynamics with consistency of Principles guiding creative expressions & experiences for teacher & learners alike: win-win
DOES  NOT rely upon–>


<–SEES Beyond

Teaches as a group with little personal differentiation- passing info to student with little relationship activity, & focus on memorization and feedback of rote facts – organized around the lowest common denominator or to a “bell curve”; too much win-lose, “my way or the highway…”
Trained to teach to 9+ intelligences via various learning paths of receptivity, as visual, kinesthetic, tactile, etc.  The higher % learning retention methodologies are favored as is experiential learning & feedback. Affective domain is vital and bonds all the learning tracks for academic and aesthetic awareness inspiring our minds and hearts to reach beyond & be more as a person.
DOES  NOT rely upon–>&

<–SEES Beyond

Teaches to oral-auditory path as primary with a disproportionate lack of attention to visual or other valid learning paths; low learning retention methods are favored; sets up learning disability IP’s for those who are bored or not  strong auditory learners. Teaching is 3 R’s with book learning as prime valued,  other learning is considered “extra”
Self discipline is connected to reflective thinking for critical awareness of how we impact each other & how we discern our 2 primal urges/voices within- empowerment & accountability is learned developing conscious awareness of inter-personal & intra-personal relating skills DOES  NOT rely upon–>


<–SEES Beyond

Inappropriate behavior is often ignored, tolerated as “nothing you can do about it,” or dealt with as punishments, detentions, no tolerance, expulsions, and such. Kids are “talked at, not engaged in meaningful dialog and accountability perspectives.
Body language ques are valued; ASL is incorporated  as full brain-language experience; experience & expression are weighed as wholism;  reflective listening & dialog are communication essentials, conflict resolution focuses on ways of harmony for win-win, and the ambiguity of words; 360° POV; tunes-in to readiness to learn, to be motivated, to identify your purpose, to make world better for bringing your gift to it… DOES  NOT rely upon–>&

<–SEES Beyond

Relationships & people devaluing others is largely ignored or tolerated as somehow acceptable, signaling a lack of caring from student’s perspective; fragmented POV, negative assumptions of low expectations, lots of gaps exists, called student’s “falling through the cracks,” as if that is acceptable losses. Self esteem is narcissistically degraded to concepts of entitlement for existing, not for who we are, or what we have to bring to the “table of humanity.” “I get, I want, I deserve because I exist…”
Methodology implies: “I think you’re brilliant, we just got to find a way to tap into it and we’ll see how it finds expression.” 180° Perspective Shift Methodology Implies: “I think your dumb & empty, and I need to fill you up with facts and knowledge that you’ll need to prove to me that you ‘got it’.”
Orientation is learning-results oriented with a collaborative expectation drawing purpose and motivation from a team consensus of how parent, child, teacher will educate to learn for results. Flexibility and openness predominate the design. Win-win is the relationship. 180° Perspective Shift Orientation is teaching-results oriented with expectation student will “get with the program.” The environment is dictatorial with a compliance and conformity expectation by imposition of rules. It bonds commonality to lowest shared denominator which often elicits a combative edge to those not inclined to agree.  Win-lose is the relationship.

POV= Point of View with 360° of Angles of Perception for a synthesis of separation for weaving ideas into an integral wholism.

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