Our Mission, Goals, & Values

  Mission, Vision, and Goals Reflect our Core Values

Our Mission  & BHAAG goal
 Our Core Values
 Our Mission & Desired Outcome
 Our Mission is What We Do
 Educational Shift Begins with…
Education Determines How our Collective Future Will Unfold


 Our Mission

Our mission is to build sustainable foundations and systems that are resilient and will dynamically keep pace with changing times in order to graduate 21st century prepared adults.

By prepared we mean *wholistically ready to fully engage life with skills and attitudes able to meet anticipated challenges: 

1: Prepared to Parent,
2: Prepared to Economically Sustain a Family
3: Prepared to Enter a Career of Their Choosing
4: Prepared to Be Involved in their Community
5: Prepared to Conserve Their Environment
6: Prepared to Deal with Who I Am & Explore Their Potential
7: Prepared to Live in a Balanced Manner
8: Prepared to Close Communication Gaps for a United World that Embraces Collaborating over Competing or Conquering 

We will clearly KNOW when we are accomplishing our mission and goal when the listed outcomes will be widespread and apparent.  Our Mission listing what a 21st prepared graduate would be prepared to deal with effectively essentially defines our BHAAG which is a Big Heartfelt Awesome Audacious GOAL

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 Our  Core Values


We are Intent on

Organizing People + Ideas for a

Synthesis of Empowerment, Motivation, & Shared Vision

 That Changes the Way Humanity Relates and  Exists for the Better

Restructuring Education to be Responsive & Elicit Our Natural Evolution is Our Thrust

We Train People to Achieve
This End/Vision/Outcome

A.K.R.N.A’s mission is to advance humanity’s ability to create peace on earth, and prosper in harmony.  This translates into graduating students as adults fully prepared for 21st century marketplace, living, relating, and parenting.

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Our Mission and Desired Outcome

A.K.R.N.A Enters its Growth Phase by Exciting Ideas into Projects with Results Oriented Plans.

Our vision and mission is dedicated to serving communities as a catalyst by providing tools for building sustainable educational systems that are dynamic.

We are calling reform to move us out of the chaos of failed education & into the goal of graduating students as adults prepared for 21st century.

As we move our growth into our establishment phase, we seek the type of support that will enable us to establish an office/teaching facility and staff to fulfill our mission.

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Our Mission is What We Do

A.K.R.N.A, as a bellwether organization, is truly a pilgrim and cutting edge leader in the field of education encouraging innovation and holds a much needed and freeing paradigm shift dear in its heart. 

1.    We are moving the attention line from stats and tests to the real people who are our students.

2.    Our teaching goal is to connect with STUDENT learning needs and to show them how SPECIFIC LEARNING is valuable to them; they need to know the MEANING FOR THEM in order to apply themselves, to remain motivated, & to keep their interests engaged.  Adults do not differ in this need, either!

3.    We believe learning is a relating process and one of passing more than just some dry, rote info along, we are passing on skills and awareness.  Children are more like apprentices full of potential in need of mentor-ship in order to ripen that potential into their unique gifts expressing through skills, not like some animals we are striving to tame and get to jump through hoops!

4.    We recognize and know how-to structure education to actively address the whole person, and this includes all intelligences – their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual-potential needs, and NOT be just fragments of learning as the standardized curriculum is today.

5.    Further, we understand for peace/acceptance/collaboration to replace war/conflict/conquering/competitive mentality, education must be intentional and address social respect for diversity, coupled with learning skills within a global economy and relating context. 

This is an important learning consideration since technology has opened our inter-connectivity to be instantly exchanged around the world.  We are more alike than we differ at an essential level, and it is a known fact how education influences our attitudinal perspectives.

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Education Determines How our Collective Future Will Unfold

Since education determines the future health, economy, and knowledge of the society it serves, it is integral to our evolution as a race. Our children’s future is our future, too, and only the most innovative and creative education approaches are likely to meet the future that is presently looming before us with its edge on the verge of rapid and constant advancement made possible by technology!  Constant change is “alive”, not static or stagnant; it morphs to meet what is needed

A certain optimism en-fires us and we hope to share in that together for producing more happiness on a planet that would benefit from quality learning and the knowledge it makes available.  All this means it will translate into productivity and economic prosperity for a stable world in healthy relationship with its inhabitants.  Maybe tomorrow,  “Be happy,” will become, “We are happy…”

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*wholistically is intentional spelling with emphasis on the word, “whole,” rather than on the word, “hole”.