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Rapport teaching word collage: respect, mirror, build, learning, dialog, listen, trust, receptivity, connect, relate, accept, interest   What is Antakarana?
A.K.R.N.A is a grassroots systems-thinking movement & resource located in Oklahoma. We were founded to provide services to communities interested in creating educational solutions for improving student learning and understanding how  to optimize spending money.

Purpose – Our mission & advocacy is served by providing catalyst leadership and assistance fostering excitement about educational reform by establishing rapport driven & results oriented learning systems that will empower students and graduate high functioning adults prepared to parent, & prepared with skills for ease of integration into 21st century living.

Here is a video from TED Speaks Education that voices our advocacy and PURPOSE beautifully.

Watch Rita Pierson: Build Relationships With Your Students on PBS. See more from TED Talks Education.

I agree wholeheartedly, she speaks to the heart of what I’ve been advocating for years in AKRNA’S encouragement to reinstate the affective domain back into education. This is important because it TRAINS teachers in to do what she’s talking about. It establishes the agenda to have the relationships as a matter of curriculum agendas to fulfill, and that makes this very important charge a requirement, not just an inspiration!   She speaks to common sense and the integrity of teaching with a nice dose of humor.  Thank you Rita Pierson.

We urgently need
> in securing a location so we can teach those ready to learn how to be best teachers they can be
> in joining our staff where you can be part of the action and see how effective your efforts can be!

oak tree beautifully depicts the nature building for long term endurance

As the mighty oak tree emerges from a most unsuspecting seed, so does our collective educational future. A.K.R.N.A follows the dream.


Why Support Us?To bring our insights and knowledge to the practical level of evidence-based classrooms, we need support from those who’ll benefit, who want to actively transform education, corporate sponsorship, investors who recognize how education causes social values development, and donors committed to making a difference that nets notable results.

We are a bellwether and grass roots organization with co-creating, and cutting-edge careers.  We offer educational programs/methodologies and experiential insights that will heal our classrooms in a way that will get kids learning swiftly, as well as graduate high functioning adults. Sounds big? Yet, we do it by offering short and long term solutions, One Kid at a Time, classroom by successful classroom!  This is a deliberate way to gently evolve from where we are today to where we NEED and desire to be  tomorrow.


What Can I Do? – Volunteer, Become a Staff Member, Enroll in training programs, host a brainstorming session, or schedule an inspiring seminar, connect us with corporate sponsors, social investors, angels, grant writers, and benefit from our expertise.

Advocacy – Learn from Principle not policy, teach to create wholism and close gaps, and create rapport driven education with win-win collaborations. Education is essentially a parent-teacher-student relationship serving its community’s evolution and socioeconomic health.

Thus, we coin the phrase: Advocating an Educational Revolution by Evolution, and offer a working model: Rapport Teaching Escalates Learning as a new educational paradigm.

Clarity in how to bring a paradigm shift into reality is our unique offering to the educational reform movement.  We generate change from understanding the value of teaching-learning the whole child, bottom line Principles, systems-thinking orientation, pacing change for stable growth, and awareness of causal factors.


Our Services – They range from awareness and inspiration seminars, prepared parents as first teachers of children courses, think tank type brainstorming to determine best initiating practices community by community, and three levels of training to carry out the tasks of actually creating intentional educational schools worthy of your child’s enrollment!


Our Need for Support –  Since we’re entering our start-up cycle, our need is aptly measured in both funding and people who are the assets that will birth our outward delivery phase into its fullness.  It is parents, students, teachers, and social entrepreneurs and investors who will come and ignite our experiential knowledge and incubated plan into a passionate educational movement that will serve their needs for quality schools with 21st century results orientation

The assets of this Educational Revolution by Evolution spark are truly, those of the shared wealth of human spirits who well be co-creating learning projects and shaping their futures with deliberate determination.  Our support is in service to all our supporters and participants.

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Photo is by 5 Orange Potatoes.  Notice to parents, grandparents and those with children in their care >>> You may enjoy this Fun & Creative play Article by mom & her daughter, Summer List of Activities – Outdoor Monday

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