Our Vision is Always Green & Growing -Pt1

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A Cut Above “Norm”

We focus on creating an enlightening future, and we’ve chosen education as our platform to accomplish this never-ending goal. We are structure-function and system thinkers, much like Bucky Fuller, who realized synthesis coupled with open-ended strategies is an essential element to meet a task like this with success.


Creating & teaching today, in a way capable of adjusting as the future keeps evolving, is not a dream but a requirement. We accept this fact of learning & growth and allow its wisdom to be part of ongoing solutions that validate themselves via empirical feedback.

In a classroom environment this means trained astute observation of students informs the teaching team… of student learning pace, ability to grasp given lessons, difficulties being encountered, etc.

Courage to Change Translates into Educational Reform

How else does one expect to accomplish the visions garnered from pondering the horizon of what can be, except by being unlike all that which has been failing to meet the horizon of one’s visions with “cant’s” and disheartened acceptance of unreasonable obstacles of other’s makings?

What worked to serve the needs of the past no longer serves our present, and more pitifully, no loner serves our future; it’s deteriorating both. We got to break the mold, to get beyond its constraints, right?

Such an action takes courage and a willingness to do what others have rejected doing for whatever reasons. The important action is to take action without regret and make it happen – meet the challenges with an open spirit and a determined resolve to see it through to completion. Such an attitude perseveres and makes breakthroughs!


"When You're Green, You're Growing" (2011 Revision)

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