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Why Have We Made Teachers Victims of Circumstances?

In the field of education we have sincere teachers who have been beating their heads up against
a wall of policies & useless administrative tasks that have created burdensome barriers.

This has had an unfortunate effect of making an oppressive impact on teaching by destroying teachers’ freedom to create learning friendly classrooms and to teach using the best pedagogy we know exists. Couple this learning-teaching gap with outrageous paperwork reporting mandates, and it all adds up to massive counter-productivity.


Further it is creating a groundswell of teen rage with websites decrying what they hate along with teacher apathy. I found this type of ranting on the 1st page of a Google search “why education sucks”…notice the 62,000,000 searches. This is not an anomaly, it is of pandemic disease proportion indicating dangerous levels of toxic educational decay. While such an impact is ridiculous on many levels, in the field of education, it is unconscionable.


This has created a downward spiraling momentum whereby a large pool of teachers are frustrated and drowning in powerlessness to make the type of changes they KNOW need to happen in their classrooms. This state of affairs has whittled their verve into a gradual sense of indifference that has taken a weedy root.

Nobody likes it, but it continues almost unabated, even accelerated, by policies like No Child Left Behind that make a mockery of the situation by irritating or worsening the condition it is meant to alleviate.

In my opinion, this is not too different from the dynamics of being a victim. In this case, it’s a victim of circumstances requiring that the offending and destructive circumstances be removed for a healthy educational system to be restored. This aspect of shift is not optional because it’s infecting and corrupting the core platform, the classroom. And, that means kids are being harmed by what they are NOT GETTING, yet NEED to have!

It is in the classroom where the dynamics of teacher & student learning need to happen. Everything else needs to serve & protect the class environment. Presently, the classroom dynamic is held hostage to administration, policy, political agendas, test scores, ignorance, and statistics. We couldn’t have it more wrong, could we?

Current deterioration means no remedy has the power to make an overnight sensation happen because we have wounded our system too deeply. This requires us to enter a regeneration process. And that entails a lot more time and well honed effort with bull’s eye accuracy being implemented without resistance clawing away at its progress.

The good news of regeneration is well expressed in the metaphor of a phoenix rising. A.K.R.N.A is aware of this need and our mission reflects our insight and commitment to regenerate all we touch with our advocacy and educational options.

All our approaches demand wakeful attention at all times. They are comprehensive, responsive, and provide educational foundations for consistently progressive healing growth into a Paradigm Shift that will carry us successfully into 21st century preparedness.

Results oriented planning with alert & responsive awareness to empirical feedback continuously available in any classroom, provides reliable indicators guiding sensible proactive action plans that prevent getting too deeply entrenched in directions that are not netting desired outcomes. You don’t EVER HAVE to go all the way down “the rabbit hole”!

Individual responsibility to teach has been thwarted at legislative levels by people who, quite frankly, don’t know how-to teach; they don’t know pedagogy nor have any experience in what they are attempting to reform.

It’s an absurd relationship to have the power to control education in the hands of those who don’t have legitimate knowledge of understanding what the dynamics of education truly entail.

And, then we wonder why education is deteriorating. We’re divorced from applying common sense, and we’re confused by all the murky lines that have been drawn in the sands of time about the causes by people confused about the core issues. We’ve allowed the symptoms and dis-ease aspects to be magnified out of proportion to cause itself and this has distracted us from using the power of cause to guide our reform

Let’s simplify this overwhelming problem by using a metaphor which will clarify what we need to understand, in a good enough fashion, to be useful to us.

Consider a garden that has been overrun by weeds, lack of proper soil amendments, a screwed up PH, moles & voles vicariously destroying the hidden from view root areas, and a horrible infestation of mites.

If we keep replanting new plants into this troubled territory will we arrive at a lush garden? NO. Until we address the causes of deterioration and destruction as moles, pests, and sterile and unbalanced soil conditions, we will waste our time, money and efforts no matter how sincere we toil away at “fixing” the mess its in, right?

It is an eco-system that has many interdependencies comprising its wholism. All the factors need to be addressed for long term resolution. And, unless causal factors and dealt with appropriately, our losses will be revisit us. And, not because we didn’t work hard at it, but because we didn’t work smart.

You can apply this metaphor to clear the air of misplaced cobwebs and other debris confusing our initiatives and giving us the impression of problems too complex to understand with clarity. Hogwash!

And, of course, the quality of learning has suffered which translates into a poorly designed and regulated educational system incapable of educating by mere fact of having the wrong people at the helm – legislators not educators! This is a FATAL FLAW.

It’s simple, really, how can you cure or heal something with the wrong remedy or medicine? How can people who don’t have knowledge of something, make wise choices about things they know nothing of per se? They have superficial knowledge and can be easily misinformed because they don’t possess the level of knowledge needed to know causal factors and the ensuing consequences thereof. You can’t know what you don’t know. Why do we fuss over this common sense awareness and pretend otherwise?

Let’s STOP this madness; there’s nothing smart about it!


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