Creative Fundraising Efforts

Additional Resources  will be posted here…we’re growing into our offerings.  Keep an eye on this page because we will have more tools, tips and such.  Thanks for your interests.

These are called resources because they are useful aids to assist you.  This area will keep changing as we respond to our readers requests  & add additional tools and information.  Essentially, this whole site is one ongoing RESOURCE of contemporary information.

Presently, there’s a listing of books, in book and kindle format, that parents can use to start making their own Parenting Manual. I wrote a note for each book to guide your choices in helping you to connect with the type of info each book offers, as well as some insight into how it would make your life as a parent wiser and easier in dealing effectively with child issues.

Some tools listed here are truly going to make a difference when the pressure is on and the screaming and tears are flowing!  Best to get ahead of such events with some plans of actions and parenting KNOW-HOW that makes such experiences a dwindling thing.

IF parents find they need additional guidance when using them, all they need to do, it drop me a comment on the book page, and it will be received and responded to… of course, an email from our contact page will go to the top of the “notice this” for response.

I also started a list of information that is education insight and teacher driven that will have a wider appeal than parents alone, though many parents are likely to find this section valuable, too.  This is available on the book page by clicking the Education Resource Link in the side navigation bar.

Remember, too, any resources or learning materials you purchase from our site are part of our ongoing fund-raising efforts and will assist us financially by supporting our services in offering benefits to others.  All proceeds will go directly to UCP for AKRNA.

Thank you for your support. Let us know if there is anything more we can add to our offerings that will assist you.

Get yourself a cup of tea or coffee and Enjoy!

All to Love, Sharon