Revolution in Education for 21st Century Prepared Grads!


Photo: Alex Rader / The Fiscal Times – 2010

Good Day to YOU,

This is a 1st in a series of our BHAAG  (Big Heartfelt Awesome Audacious Goal), formerly, BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) presentations inviting you to explore the potential of an educational re-evolution as the answer for your child or grandchild’s future.

Since the idea of revolution often conjures up visions of fighting , we spell the word with a dash included to emphasis our idea of revolution, not as a violent overthrow or as a revolving of educational issues, rather as a re-evolution that is about opening  up the spinning in circles that has us stuck  and making a breakthrough into into a spiral of ascending  awareness and ability whereby we’ll employ the wisdom time has laid before us into healing our educational systems.

We’re tired of talking about the problems; we  advocate and provide opportunities to learn what is needed  to take the idea of re-evolution and give it some rubber to meet the road.

Too many kids are being ground into debts, lacking in skills they ought to be graduating with as they toss their cap into the air with accolades of congratulations cheering them onward.  But, realistically, onward to what??

A meaningless college education that comes with a hefty debt tag and a degree that helps them to “flip burgers,” REALLY?? Is this the American dream or has that “fallen through the cracks in the system” too?

We’re also opening opportunities for learning how-to make a peaceful re-evolution of this kind happen with ease, as well as making it a dynamic career option you may find attractive and an answer to ending educational woes beyond yourself. Re-volution in Education: AKRNA’s BHAAG #1 Wholism Matters

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  1. Hmm! seems like we share the same point of view.

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