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Sharon Quinn delivers energetic seminars that are valuable and memorable because they deliver more than your attendees are expecting! 

The seminars are intelligent, informative, thorough, and often inspiring.  Her information presentations are creative and interactive, engaging the audience in a Socratic Q & A way as much as possible.  Her passion is contagious because it is genuine, thus, generating audience participation, enthusiasm and hopefulness.

She seeks to open the minds and hearts of those who attend.  Each presentation is designed to get to the bottom line causes and give your audience what they came to learn at your sponsored seminar.  Is it for… answers? Insight? Motivation?  They will leave with a sense of clarity they came to get!



 Personal note from Sharon Quinn, seminar presenter:

I cordially invite you to browse through my seminar offerings and find what is the best fit for you and your audience.  Contact me to talk about how we can schedule one of the listed seminars or speaking engagements that will work for you, or how we can tailor a fit to meet a unique need you desire to address.  

We’ll have a frank conversation so you will know if I can meet your speaking needs as you desire for your event or not.  If not, I may be able to help you get connected with a resource better suited to your purposes.


Seminar #1

Who is Target Audience?  Parents

WHO Else is Likely to Be Interested?  Teachers, Reformers, Educators, Education and Social Change Advocates


Parents as Leaders in an Educational Revolution?  WHY NOT?

Who has the ethical and spiritual responsibility to raise their child in the way he/she will go?

Education is more about relationships than most people talk about.  Learn how to develop a list of valued lessons you intend for your child to learn from the teachings she/he will receive from the school you are sending them to, including academic, emotional, life, and communication skills that will make sense for a 21st century graduate.

As a parent, you have a right and obligation to make such a list and use it to guide your choices and demands from a school.  You can use it to monitor their progress over the ensuing years as they pass from grade to grade.  You, as a parent, can have a clearer idea whether the school is failing your child’s learning needs early on in the process and not after it has had years to deteriorate.  When graduation day arrives, what are the goals of learning you want to see ALL Checked off on your child’s know-how-to list?

There’s no reason to sit idling on the sidelines praying for what you hope will happen. 

Move from wishing into action steps that will ensure success. Stop relying on teachers to make it happen because that alone has proven to not be good enough.  Also, it is important to have realistic expectations and learning outcomes; learn how to discern them for you and your family.

Contact Sharon Quinn for booking information and additional program insights.  You can call 405-384-4498 for more information if you prefer.

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Seminar #2

Who is Target Audience?  *Parents and their Families, especially Infant through Grade 2

WHO Else is Likely to Be Interested?    Grandparents, Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, Counselors, Family Coaches


Empowering Family Dynamics: Discipline without Harm

Teach your child how to think and weigh his/her choices of behavior by becoming aware of the two inner urges he/she feels daily. One is to be the Wonderful Me who is great, happy, kind, and attuned to accepting differences with grace and dignity, while the other is a selfish Petty Me who is little, ornery, feels entitled, antagonistic, and can become indifferent to the feelings and impact he/she has upon others.

This tried and true way of relating and dealing with your child’s inner urges that teaches him/her

  • to balance them self and
  • to consider them self in relationship to others,
  • develops excellent reasoning & thinking discernment skills,
    • an inner moral compass for self referencing choices, and
    • an awareness of how we generate positive and negative consequences in our lives.

It clearly teaches you and your child how to voice emotions with dignity and ownership.  Such qualities are the cornerstone of developing self responsibility for one’s choices that will empower them for life careers in leadership, as well as developing character strengths of being patient, ethical and centered in their person rather than reactive.

Thus, thinking, communication, discerning, and emotional awareness with self disciple skills are the big win-win benefits of this system which evolved from working with children who made it clear how much they liked this way of learning how to be in control of themselves.

By teaching your child to naturally see the consequences to himself and others, as well as the impact of his choices, you are helping him/her to build a reliable foundation to be a responsible and compassionate adult with better than average relating and communicating abilities.

This system is far more effective than time-out which doesn’t focus on teaching your child how to think-over the impact and consequences of their actions and choices.  While they may calm out, they are not gifted with the lessons of understanding and awareness of what happened so they can make more informed choices the next time around.

Contact Sharon Quinn for booking information and additional program insights.  You can call 405-384-4498 for more information if you prefer.


Seminar #3

Who is Target Audience?  Teachers – Pre-K through Early Elementary, Homeschoolers, Educators

WHO Else is Likely to Be Interested?    Grandparents, Early Childhood Educators, Counselors, Family Coaches, Parents


Growing Up Strong Training with GUS and GUSSIE

This is a mental wellness and chemical abuse prevention program for preschoolers and elementary school children that was developed by Center for Child and Family Development, Public Responsibility and Community Affairs…The University of Oklahoma. The Lela Roland Prevention Award recognizes outstanding prevention programs in the area of mental health, and Growing Up Strong (GUS) was a 1987 Lela Rowland Prevention Award Finalist.

It is designed to be integrated into the classroom curriculum with classroom activities coupled with additional teacher information to help with classroom management strategies and understanding the core objective of each of the lessons. 

Masters for duplication, parental support handouts to encourage family involvement, dolls or puppets, bibliography resources for continuing research, and evaluation/screening/and simple to use assessment forms are provided to aid in validating program progress and success.

Each of the lessons are tailored for the specific age group they are targeting.  Prevention focuses on developing positive habits, attitudes, and life skills so drug use is not seen as the answer to dealing with issues and problems.  By having coping skills taught in a manner that keeps pace with personal growth, empowerment and positive self care are the choices most likely to be made since well being, coupled with skill sets supporting self dignity, have been taught and reinforced.

Contact Sharon Quinn, a GUS Master Trainer who also reviewed the GUS materials in her classroom, for booking information and additional program insights.  You can call 405-384-4498 for more information if you prefer.


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