Educational “Experts” are Clueless! (Yikes)

Wow, I stumbled across this article in The Washington Post written by Lois Romano, “Literacy of College Graduates Is on Decline Survey’s Finding of a Drop in Reading Proficiency Is Inexplicable, Experts Say”. From that alone, can you guess why I was taken aback and felt compelled to make a few comments about the supposed mystery? This phrase, “is inexplicable, experts...
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Lasting Educational Change – 5 Bottom Line “Must Haves”

  First, a Note about¬† Change and Paradigm Shifts Let’s start with Clarity by directly getting-to-the-point of how-to evolve a lasting long-haul healing change in education: Lay the axe of change at the root causes of failed education. A.K.R.N.A advocates a solutions and systems thinking approach rather than a problem solving approach.¬† Collectively our ideas synthesize into one Big...
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