Valedictorian Graduate Speaks UP!

Erica Goldson is a valedictorian graduate from Coxsackie-Athens High School. She gives quite a speech to her audience and encourages a hard look at the state of education.  She invites people to start a pedagogic movement. 

A.K.R.N.A’s  Educational Revolution by Evolution is an answer to a growing awareness that education cannot continue as it is.  I’ve personally and professionally come to understand how-to turn this tide, and keeping that info to myself seems unconscionable.  So, I reach back with a nonprofit dedicated to this movement that Erica bravely encourages us to participate in so that a paradigm shift will happen.  

At Antakarana, we have laid down quite a track for those ready to kick pedagogic butt!  Action, of course, is always a choice of will!

I think nothing makes the point that education reform is overdue like the students who have something to say about their experience.  She was brave to give such a hard-hitting truthful talk, and in a personal note she comments about the nervousness in her voice, but she delivered it anyway!   Kudos!



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