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Co-Creating, Indeed! AKRNA Creates a Nonprofit Partnership that is TRUE to Mission of Collaborating for Mutual Benefit: Win-Win is a Beautiful Thing!

Oklahoma City, OK – January 30, 2012 – Antakarana Co-Creation Learning Project announced it is Partnering with Vehicles for Charity (VFC) to process all their donated vehicles. This organization is an especially fine fit with one of AKRNA’s prime foci, specifically that of collaborating with charitable organizations who are open to sharing and expanding the reach or each other with creative solutions.

Since 1995, VFC has processed vehicles for over 400 charities including more than 50 Public Radio and TV stations. VFC’s efficiency and experience with the donation process, frees up AKRNA to focus on what they do best, and that is to teach others the ropes of change with great pedagogy geared to completely prepare graduates for 21st century living challenges.

VFC will handle all details of the vehicle donation process. We have confidence in their program  since it has a long standing positive track record. Their program is unusual in that all proceeds are returned to nonprofit organizations, “And we find that especially attractive,” says Sharon Quinn, Program Director of AKRNA.

According to Dennis Fadden, Manager of Corporate Alliances, “One nonprofit organization helping another to generate much need funding has been the cornerstone of the affiliate program since its inception”.

“We’re excited about the doors of funding opportunity this alliance opens for AKRNA. We are emerging from our brainstorming and curricula development phase into our public start up phase, and this program is a refreshing welcome,” says Quinn.  

“We’re hoping this will generate us a momentum to accelerate our start-up process. Since our how-to implement educational reform answers and services, based on a 5 year research project that validated validity, are urgently needed in communities around the country, no one can afford for AKRNA to not have a swift and powerful debut.”  Funding is key to success.

Kids are in classrooms today, suffering boredom under the  tedious thumb of rote teaching and superficial testing metrics! People are increasingly clamoring for education reform answers that will impact the classroom TODAY, and not just define the issues facing educational reform.

AKRNA anticipates a Gentle Educational Revolution benefiting kids today and society tomorrow! Nothing signals prosperity like having how-to answers and tools available today!

This alliance will help us to advance the missions of both organizations; both organizations look forward to a long and prosperous relationship – a clear win-win, making the world a more collaborative enterprise, one alliance at a time!

What’s not to like?

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