Volunteer Opportunities

Would You Like to Lend Us a Hand?

Our Mateas are our current focus of preparation and thrust of services because they will lead education out of chaos and failure into excellence and nurturance in their classrooms and schools, one child at a time, one family at a time, thus, baby stepping our society into a thriving future.”  

When you volunteer yourself to help AKRNA, you are getting involved in an exciting opportunity and becoming part of one of the most dynamic educational thrusts of our time in turning around our educational woes.  AKRNA fosters gentle heroes and helps everyone to tap into their best self because that is at the heart of all we do.

Without our volunteers picking up all the stitches that make for a smooth running and efficient business, AKRNA could not extend services and we wouldn’t shine.

Our Volunteers will always play a vital role in how AKRNA grows and serves kids in getting the education they deserve, in helping parents gets their unique needs met, and in aiding our up and coming teachers.

Here are Some Ways You Can Help Us Out… 🙂

• Administrative support
• Fund raising
• Inventory documentation
• Contributing to Social Networking
• Photography
• Website development and maintenance
• Computer maintenance  (hardware & software)
• Reporting on webinars to keep us abreast of the changing times
• Audio recording and editing
• Video recording and editing
• Marketing and communications
• Grant researching
• Paralegal assistance
• Facility Maintenance
• Editing copy
• Scanning and copying class supplies
• Special events
• Filing and other organizational work
• Maintaining records
• Preparing mailings
• Phoning
• Research as needed
• Transcribing learning materials

Volunteers with specialized skills and experience can also help us provide services and be considered for Advisory Board positions.  If you have knowledge or experience with legal, graphic designs, grant writing, ASL, teaching Waldorf, or other creative learning or pro bono professional services, you can help us with trademark, copyrights, branding, contracting, logo design, funding grants, program development, teaching assistance, tutoring, or classroom assistance.

Since our essential nature is co-creating, team spirit is our forte and you will be exposed to learning how to collaborate with creativity and be a win-win playerVolunteers are as valued as any other part of our team effort, and they are deeply appreciated for their assistance and the unique expertise they bring to our endeavor.

From helping spread the word (locally and online) about our services and courses, extending our reach in helping others with learning needs, to connecting us with people who strengthen our stability with their gifts, talents, and other donations, our volunteers keep our interconnecting gears gliding smoothly along.

We look to our volunteers to man the desks, organize our offices,  update our computers, design our student’s teaching manuals and forms, attend to our backups, and keep our paperwork in order – there is always a place to put a volunteers’ heart, skills and talents to use.  They keep the hustle and bustle humming along as a fine buzzing tune!


We are enhanced by everyone’s input, and thus, welcome with gratitude, short-term and long-term assistance.

To express an interest in joining our team as a volunteer, please contact us at [email protected] to learn how you can help!