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Our Name Indicates Collaboration is a Key Element of our Mission & Education
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Synthesis of Name

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How Do We Say Our Name?

Antakarana is pronounced as (on-ta-car-on-ah) or, if you prefer to think of it visually an other way, (ANTA-karon-a). You can hear Antakarana spoken on the player directly above and to your left.

While the length of the word initially looks rather daunting, it is truly quite simple to say once you see the name broken down, and it has a somewhat rhythmical sound to it, too.

And, for the shortened version we use to make writing easier, AKRNA, we simply say each letter, A.K.R.N.A.

Being as it’s a Sanskrit word, it’s a word that has survived the longevity of time. 🙂 We found this ancient word inspiring and pertinent to what would heal our modern world today. Thus, we chose this word for its rich heritage of meaning, and deep nature, which we invite you to explore with us…
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Our Name & Its Meaning
Encourages Collaborative Relating as a Life Skill

Our name, Antakarana Co-Creation Learning Projects (A.K.R.N.A), was chosen because it clarifies and affirms our ethic of collaboration; we advocate the unifying power of collaboration as the most viable means of rapidly achieving a paradigm shift in education that will result in 21st century preparedness for living in a globally relating world.

How can humanity’s future be one of peace and prosperity, the two living conditions which naturally beget happiness, unless we learn how to govern our relationships via adherence to a unifying principle such as collaboration? We actually understand collaboration as a vital missing link in education that humanity can no longer afford to not teach to their young.

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Each word of our name implies/indicates co-operation & alliances built upon open & intentional communication as our means of closing any separation gaps that relationships are vulnerable to having. Our vulnerability rests in the fact of our having innate differences in experiences, cultures, backgrounds, preferences, etc.

Since the process of communication acts a bonding agent in relationships, due to it being a mutual giving and receiving exchange of the other person, it gives us a reliable way of expressing our differences which, in turn, opens us up by virtue of expanding our understandings of each other.

When we communicate honestly and openly, it initiates a natural movement away from being wary, towards that of acceptance, which eventually cascades into a richness of sharing & creativity.

Thus, we tap into our creative potentials for success & enjoyment, made possible by our working together for a shared greater good that was latent within each of us. How can such things happen without learning being integral to our communicating processes?

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Antakarana Co-Creation Learning Projects (A.K.R.N.A)

Antakarana, a Sanskrit word, connotes an interconnected invisible web uniting humanity & its Maker interdependently in a unified field of silently communicating energy of oneness. This invisible web holds all life together, thus, we are a wholism invested in each other’s wellness. As a mature and healthy unified field of oneness, we cannot war or do harm.

To enjoy our shared empowerment, found in mutuality, we need to accept & strike our chord of sameness. Striking this chord, essentially means that we are on the same page, involved in playing our part in the same life symphony. This implies that harmony is found by listening to each other and seeing how we fit together from a larger perspective, and that is, essentially, communicating.

Our emotional intelligence attunes us to each other, and when we look another person in the eye, people of all ages can feel a poignant connection and sense of how we do matter. This essence is most generally acknowledged as some kind of matter of heart wisdom. Heart, as the seat of our love, reflects our mature ability to care/have compassion for one another, and it peeks out subtle messages in body language signals.

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Running around tuned-in to only our issues, without any considerations of others, leads to a cacophony and conflict that usually deteriorates into a selfish competition of win-lose scenarios, often out-picturing as wars. Our global relationship is strained and stressed by this type of attitude which no longer serves our race; it lacks dignity.

The advent of computers closed the distance of our lives and communication into a world of immediate information exchanges that is rapidly becoming the norm. It is not a luxury to have excellent communication skills, it is a necessity for the type of global competence 21st century living will require of us.

The idea of web itself enlightens our viewpoints on several levels, from that of an interconnected oneness, to non-hierarchical relationships that are more hub organized and sharing, emphasizing an equality of responsibility and leadership rather than a top down lording over structure.

Also, there’s a resiliency and tenacity inherent in webs that prevail to serve their purposes by “holding things together” on a level playing field. Not only does this inform us of a cohesiveness, it indicates that a communication network is functioning that’s providing integrity to its structure. This integrity imparts optimal functioning in serving their purposes.

Further, the heart of a web is its center. We can deepen our relationships by centering ourselves. This implies both a grounding in Principles, and our hearts, which will nurture and uplift civilizations with caring, sharing, compassion, commitments and follow-through. All such behaviors find their center, or root, in our shared enduring human spirit, and that spirit engenders trust, which naturally dissipates fear of what we don’t know or understand, and opens us to thriving.

When we grok how we mirror and light each others worlds, we will be coming from a center within ourselves that trusts our human spirit to globally live in peace and competence, thereby serving the dignity of our wholism as a race. Our invisible web will be accepted as our cohesive safety net. Can the 21st century survive by anything less?

Such a level of maturity must be taught & learned through emulation and ongoing experiences of rapport that are integral to our Matea Model. Learning by rapport, and emulating models, are not newfangled ideas, they are well understood in the human psyche; we tell epic stories about their power, and are inspired. In this regard, we are returning to basics we’ve abandoned.

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Antakarana Co-Creation Learning Projects (A.K.R.N.A)

Co-Creation signals collaboration as co-operative, coming into union with a meeting of minds & hearts taking us from “me” to “we”, freeing our potential & creative capacities to be productive beyond the limits of one individual mind separated from others.

Co-creating implies empowerment and partnerships with collaboration guiding our choices through brainstorming with our collective talents, widening the options of what is possible to accomplish.

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Co-creating is a process funded by trust that nurtures extending our reach. Ultimately, such relating is a way to happiness. The process of being productive by co-creating takes us to web-like systems that hold our projects together as if our acceptance is the glue of appreciative regard fostering trust in each other, thereby activating our exponential empowerment.

The enthusiasm of our unity is so beautiful that we tend to think of it as miraculous or magical. This is because we have not come to terms with this majestic side of our human spirit, but, we are approaching it. This is the heart of what we need to re-learn. This means it is a value we need to teach, making it an integral learning objective in 21st century curricula.

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Antakarana Co-Creation Learning Projects (A.K.R.N.A)

Learning is the essence of education and clues us into relating as an ongoing process whereby we grow without arriving. Life functions via cycles that have beginnings and endings. An astute observation of these cycles reveals that all endings initiate new beginnings built upon the wisdom of what’s ending… the beginning’s in the end.

For example, our current trends of “going green” signal a collective acceptance of our relationships needing to extend beyond ourselves to include others, as well as our earth. As we recycle items, build our compost piles, and donate items for others to use, we are consciously learning how perception changes meaning, such as my discarded “junk” is NOW someone else’s valuable asset.

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Such learning opens us to sharing, humility, and gratitude as our participation in the cycle of life is made consciously aware by the little things we notice. Our collective consciousness benefits in our unification as a race, as we learn our individual lessons regarding our inter-relatedness in being human beings.

Working together opens our eyes to more issues in need of being addressed, and this in turn, expands our horizons of insights as unique angles of perception widen our lenses. More options naturally become available influencing our choices to be more informed and mutually rewarding. The more we work together, the more we learn about ourselves and what our future can be like by getting outside our “boxes” in thinking, and/or our isolations.

Since learning is an expanding process, it is open to new information. Thus, when approaching change from a learning attitude, much of our fear – of change, of making mistakes, and its resistance – dissipates or becomes moot to the process of learning itself. We are rapidly moving into an information & technology age; our educational systems must be oriented to open-ended learning that is ever evolving in present time with a future view that is systems thinking oriented, thus, results focused.

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Antakarana Co-Creation Learning Projects (A.K.R.N.A)

Projects as a noun, tells us we are accomplishing goals, & as a verb, we are projecting something useful collectively onward!

To successfully project something means to get clear on your aim or goal, too. This component idea reminds us of the value of keeping our eye on our target, while monitoring its progress, to be sure it hones in on the bull’s eye.

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And, if it should begin to show signs of straying away from our intention, we’ll be alerted to make adjustments to get it back on track. Being deliberate and aware is key to ongoing success.

Sometimes the goal of a project remains consistent, but what it means specifically in outcome may change. The concept of projecting keeps us on a deliberate course with awareness that’s fully present and flexible in adaptability & resiliency – much like a tree that bends easily in the wind is the one that survives the whirlwind of storms for long term sustainability.

If our intention gets muddled, we will lose sight of our function and our project will suffer. Results oriented thinking, planning and monitoring is how focus is tied to outcome and this consistency of clarity makes for successful projects fulfilling.

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Antakarana Co-Creation Learning Projects (A.K.R.N.A)

Our name is thoughtful and very intentional, succinctly meeting with our motto, “Be deliberate and be determined on Principle, and then, be decisive with action.” It makes for a mighty fine rudder guiding our ship/project out of the harbor and onto the high seas of its projected course.

We shall end on a note about how Principle is enduring because it is essentially the clarity of bottom line laws governing how the Antakarana, holding all life together, functions in pure consistency, balance and harmony to itself as one unified field ever learning MORE about itself.

Principle stands in stark juxtaposition to policy. Policy is notoriously debatable and can become a heady entanglement of paralytic proportions to change itself. Policy tries to emulate Principle, yet, whereas Principle transcends ego and has a universal quality, policy is an offshoot of our ego, making it unreliable in meeting the diversity of whatever may occur. Policy attempts to tame our ego to ethical reasoning and productivity. At times, it succeeds, yet, at times it fails.


In Conclusion, Our Invite to YOU:
Let’s Start Talking and Design our Education to Create an Intentional Future We Will Collaborate Together!

Any questions or comments?  We’d love to explore them with you as our passion is about how easy Rapport Driven Education will make Humanity’s dream of peace on earth a social reality, because empathy and collaboration orientations, coupled with learned skills, will make for a race seeking its unity, not war.

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