What’s Missing in Your Kid’s Class Curriculum? Part 3

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21st Century School Curriculum MUST Have Physical Health Built into Daily Classroom Function

Last week we introduced the need for Thinking and Reasoning skills to be part of every classroom from pre-k through high school so the learning can be evolved with maturity.  We discovered that communication and thinking skills shared an integral relationship demonstrating the immense value of not fragmenting our lesson learning as current curricula are inclined to do.  Wholism is the natural order of clarity and quality education, and it must be taught to be learned.

On that note we land into today’s program which hones our focus onto the matters of our physical well being as standard and not “extra curricular.”

We need to balance our lives in the physical, especially in a tech age world.  This involves health and well being issues of positive self care.  At its best, recreation (re-creation involves grounding our self in the present enjoying our friends, self, and environment.

In our computer age of decreased physical activity, this is more important than ever, and more neglected than ever!  Children with eating, attention, and weight disorders can be prevented IF lessons guided them in healthy ways to understand their body and its needs.

We talked about the importance of continuity structured into daily classrooms to build habits of self care that become ingrained habits as adults.  We can teach people to respect their health and to naturally moderate their body needs with their work pace, without the burden of  having to take classes as an adult to learn stress management, nutrition, cross-pattern breaks, etc.

Our fast paced world and technology inclinations to passive activity make physical learning more valuable than ever.  If we are going to be well being oriented, we have to learn the skills, it’s not a spontaneous understanding that just “happens.”  Body health and mental-emotional health means physical well-being is grounded and coping skills to endure a fast paced tech lifestyle are ingrained for natural endurance.

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