Everyone Knows the Problems with Education, the Issue NOW is HOW TO Make the Changes...
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Our Purpose

Rapport teaching word collage: respect, mirror, build, learning, dialog, listen, trust, receptivity, connect, relate, accept, interest   What is Antakarana?
A.K.R.N.A is a grassroots systems-thinking movement & resource located in Oklahoma. We were founded to provide services to communities interested in creating educational solutions for improving student learning and understanding how  to optimize spending money.

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Edge of TRUTH Airs Live at 11:00 Am CST
Every Sunday Morning  with
Sharon Quinn and Will Gable on

Will & Sharon don’t shy from the controversy TRUTH is notorious for unearthing. They offer refreshing opportunities for piercing the confusions of modern living by infusing it with Principle that’s on-point & to-the-point.  Here we’ve listed their shows addressing educational change.

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Educational Sense Blog

A warm teatime picture inviting open conversations about educational hopes & changes


Welcome to a Blog Where We Continuously

Outline & Unfold Our No Nonsense Viewpoint


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